Storage FAQ's

What items can I store in a storage unit?

You can store household goods, furniture, business inventory, business archives, commercial stock and equipment.

How much does a storage unit cost?

The price is dependent on the size of the space you will need. Please refer to our pricing guide.

What types of storage units do you have? 

We have secured ground floor storage units you can drive by whilst others are internal. Some have power connected, so please enquire if you are needed power. We also have storage units on the first level for the cost conscious.

What size unit do you have? 

Nerang storage units range from 5m2 to 27m2

What access to my unit do I have? 

Your standard access hours are from 5 am to 7.30 pm.

Can I access my storage unit outside the standard access hours? 

For added security, you can only access your storage unit after hours upon request.

You can speak to the office to make an arrangement that may be agreed upon depending on the circumstances. A fee may apply for a longer period of extended access.

How often can I access my storage unit? 

You can access your storage unit as many times as you want during the standard access hours.

How much do I have to pay upfront?

You pay your first month’s storage upfront together with a one off $22 admin fee. Rent is then billed monthly in advance.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We don't charge a deposit. You just pay your frist month storage upfront.

Do I have to offer discounts?

We offer a 5% discount for 6 months’ prepayment or 10% off for 12 months’ prepayment.

How does billing work?

We work from a monthly renewable contract. This means you will automatically be billed monthly and will pay the rent one month in advance. We send your invoice two weeks in advance, so if you know you will be moving out, you can give us appropriate notice to move out and terminate your agreement.

How much notice do I need to give to terminate my agreement and move out?

We require a minimum of one week’s notice.

What is the minimum storage period?

One month.

Is there a maximum hire period?

There is no maximum hire period. Once you hire a unit it simply continues on month to month until you let us know when you no longer need it.

How do I sign up?

To start using self storage you just need to visit the facility during office hours with a photo ID and complete a Self Storage Agreement and pay your first month’s rent. You can then start using your space straight away.

Can you run a business from a storage unit?

Yes, a variety of businesses, such as eBay, vintage goods and ecommerce businesses, use storage units to run their business. Please no power tools.

Do you move my goods into storage?

We provide courtesy trolleys onsite for you to move your goods into storage. Alternatively, we can provide you a removalist quote.

How do I move my goods to the first floor?

We provide courtesy trolleys onsite for you to move your goods into storage. Alternatively, we can provide you a removalist quote.

What happens if my storage unit is too small?

Should you need to change your storage space (up or down) you can do so at anytime without penalty. You only pay for the time you have used.

When you run out of space, you can either transfer your goods into a larger unit, or you can take a second storage unit out under your name. You will need to complete a new storage agreement for the new unit.

What security do you have?

All our facilities have PIN code access and 24hr CCTV monitoring. You also supply your own padlock to lock up your space and you keep all the keys. You can purchase a padlock from the onsite office.

Can I give my gate PIN code to others such as a removalist or relative?

It is recommended you do not give your code out to anyone other than the person you have nominated to have access on your contract as this protects you and others storing in the facility.

What happens if I forget my PIN code?

If you enter the code three times incorrectly you may not be able to try again for several minutes. If you cannot get access or simply have forgotten your code within office hours then come in and see the office staff with your photo ID. Otherwise call the office to assist you outside of office hours, if we’re available.

It is extremely important that you do not follow anyone inside the centre without entering your code, otherwise your code will not work when trying to exit the facility.

Can anyone access my storage unit?

No, you have your own secured individual storage unit, that you lock with your own padlock and you keep all the keys.

What happens if I lose the keys to my storage unit padlock?

We can remove your padlock for you if needed. You will just need to visit the office and show photo ID so we can remove your old lock for you.

Do you have a bin we can use?

No, we don’t have a customer bin to throw out storage items. Please enquire with office about tip fees and cartage.

Will rainwater get in under the door on your driveway units?

No. All outdoor units are constructed in a way that prevents normal rainwater from entering the units.

Does your facility get flooded?

No, we don't. The facility is not located in a zone subject to flooding.

Am I automatically insured?

No, you are not automatically covered. At Nerang Storage we are pleased to offer a special storage insurance policy.

Offering monthly premiums starting from just $10 per month covering you up to $5,000*, we offer a broad range of options to feel even more secure while storing at our facilities. Contact the office to discuss insurance options further and receive a tailored quote.

*Residential items. Commercial items insurance options vary, get in contact with our team for more information.

Do you sell packing boxes?

Yes, we carry the main moving and packaging supplies. Please check our box shop or visit during office to pick up what you need.

What happens if I don't pay my storage bill?

From time to time, we do have to sell the contents of a storage space that has either been abandoned or not paid for as per the Terms and Conditions of the Self Storage Agreement. We do, however, try to avoid this at all costs.

Items not allowed for storage

Flammable products, perishables, drugs and any other illegal goods.

Why Choose Nerang Storage?

When it comes to storage, you want to know your belongings are in good hands. With Nerang Storage, you not only get friendly service but also peace of mind knowing your belongings are being well taken care of.

Friendly help always available

Nerang Storage is a local family business dedicated to helping local businesses and residents secure cost-effective storage and friendly, professional service. We are always available to help with an on-site office and a helpline available 24/7.

Highly secured premises
  • Security gates with 7-day electronically controlled P.I.N. access
  • 24hr CCTV surveillance
7 days a week - 24hr access upon request 

Nerang Storage provides you the convenience to access your belongings whenever your need them.

Powered sites available

Powered sites are available for businesses needing to run operations from their storage unit.

Short-term and long-term storage options

Nerang Storage offers flexible short-term storage and long-term storage options to allow you to accommodate your requirements for as long as you need and only pay for what you use.

Insurance available

The majority of home insurance policies don't cover your valuable possessions while they are in self-storage units. Self-storage insurance provides personal property coverage for your possessions contained in a rental storage unit. Should any of your property kept in a storage unit be damaged by a covered event, the insurance would pay to replace the damaged items.

Moving supplies and packing boxes available

We also sell moving supplies and packing boxes to help you organise your items for storage or moving home. Visit our Box Shop to see our range of moving and packaging supplies for sale.

Removal service available

We also work with A1 Removalists who can pack and move your storage items to our premises